Flexible Fitness Training

itrain weight lossThe future of fitness training is here. It’s An online resource homemakers, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and anyone else that wants easy access to fitness information and exercises can use. Simply click your mouse and you’ll be guided through a series of effective workouts created by some of the world’s top trainers. The workouts are available in audio and video form and designed to fit perfectly into today’s fast paced lifestyle. With you can work out anytime, anywhere, alone, or with friends. Simply click on the website or put on your mp3 player.

Note: We have previously used and reviewed Venus Factor and Adonis Golden Ratio. While they are definitely a great online programs, iTrain has taken the online interaction to a new level.

Do a quick review and you’ll quickly realize the breadth of this multimedia program. It offers tips and professional guidance in:

Boxing, Climbing, Dancing, Elliptical, Fitness Classes, Interval Training, Jogging, Pilates, Rowing, Sculpting, Spinning, Stretching, Toning, Walking, and Yoga.

New routines are added weekly along with podcast downloads featuring celebrity trainers. It’s like having a personal trainer with you wherever you are. All you need is your iPod, mp3, or computer, a willingness to follow instruction, and the discipline to stick with it. The day when you had to join a gym and hire a personal trainer to get in shape is over. In today’s fast-paced world people need to be able to access their trainers and workout wherever they are at a moment notice. With iTrain you can workout at home, on the beach in Jamaica, or in your hotel room in Cleveland.

Anyone that has done even a basic review would see the entire program is designed to maximize the impact of your workout. The exercises focus on cardio, flexibility, and strength and can be used by people who are beginners, intermediates, or advanced fitness enthusiasts. You can customize it to suit your goals, fitness level, and schedule. There are 300 plus programs, so you’ll have lots of great choices. You’ll have several widely-respected Hollywood personal trainers giving you step by step instructions to help you get in better shape.

The Music

The music on iTrain is perfect for working out. It motivates people to get going and keep moving and helps you feel the rhythm of the workout. The music makes you push yourself and while you sweat to the beat, excess weight melts away and muscle tone improves with every move. The program is available in several formats including mp3, PDF, and others. ‘The program helps people get consistent weight-loss, improved flexibility, and increased stamina and strength.’ Dr. Michael Wainwright of the Mayo Clinic explained. ‘and it’s very easy to use.’

Getting Started

An review reveals you only need a computer and an internet connection to get started. Using an mp3 player improves the program’s portability and makes it even more fun. You don’t have to be ‘good with computers’ to use It only takes a minute to set up and your workouts instantly get better. Then you can use the “6 Week Body Makeover Program” nutritional guide to lose weight and gain muscle tone and endurance.

Go to iTrain to see the available plans.

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The Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of ExerciseExercise is a necessary aspect of maintaining health, and it has been proven to prevent and improve many physical health issues. When suffering from psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety, physical activity may often be the last thing in which one would engage. Exercise may actually make a big difference in how one responds to psychological issues once getting settled into the pattern of activity. Research on depression and anxiety has shown that the mental and physical results of exercising can help reduce stress and improve one’s mood. According to Jasper Smits, Director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University, “Individuals who exercise report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and lower levels of stress and anger.”

Health Effects While Exercising

Many of the psychological benefits of exercise develop over time, but some effects occur immediately while working out. One of the most noticeable results of cardiovascular exercise is the increase in body temperature that leads to sweating. This rise in temperature may also be accompanied by increased circulation to the brain with soothing and calming effects. When dealing with depression, some aspects of the immune system may release chemicals that worsen the condition. Exercise can help reduce such effects. It also releases chemicals in the brain that facilitate better mood including endorphins and necessary neurotransmitters.

Abstract Benefits of Exercise

In addition to the immediate results of exercise, physical activity also provides benefits over time. It allows for healthy coping of various situations by channeling emotions into positive habits instead of common patterns such as alcohol use or obsession over the situation. Exercise also provides a great distraction from the negative thinking patterns that accompany depression and anxiety. Being able to meet fitness goals as time goes on can boost one’s confidence about their abilities, and changes in appearance can improve one’s sense of self-worth. Exercising outside, at the gym or in a class can provide social interaction and fellowship that may turn into meaningful friendships in the long run.

Getting Started

Benefits of ExerciseBefore starting any exercise plan, it is essential to talk to a mental health provider in addition to a physician to ensure the healthiest methods are taken for one’s individual needs. Patients will reap the most benefit from programs that last at least 10 weeks involving 30 minutes or more of exercise performed three times a week. Exercise plans work best when the individual takes part in activities he or she enjoys. This helps remove the tendency to think of exercising as a chore. It should instead be thought of the same way one would view treatment options such as therapy or medication used to improve the condition. Some of the associated psychological benefits of exercise are only likely to occur if the program is carried out as a long term plan, so it should be as enjoyable as possible. It is important to set reasonable goals to help get started and to keep expectations and personal satisfaction at healthy levels.

When not accustomed to exercising regularly, many people dread the idea before they even start. Exercise can be more than just running laps around a track. Aerobic workouts and sports that increase the heart rate are most beneficial, but activities such as walking around the neighborhood, gardening or lifting weights can help as well. The goal is to become active in some way that presents a noticeable positive change in lifestyle.

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