We have designed this website to be as safe as it possibly can be and MindFull is moderated by both human moderators and something called NetModerator. NetModerator is a very clever piece of software that works with the website, looking at all messages and chats, including private messages for anything inappropriate, such as bad language or anything that could give away personal details. NetModerator also 'reads' the content and the context of the messages and chats and looks for worrying or inappropriate relationships.

You might see NetModerator in action if you see the words "Oops, please try again" in your chat box or when sending a private message. The software is quite sensitive and, for example, will not allow you to talk about which school you go to.

NetModerator will immediately alert MindFull to any abusive or threatening conversations and grooming behaviour. If you behave in a way that does not respect others using the website, or you ignore the site rules, we will remove you from our website, and take further action against you if your behaviour is against the law.

Sometimes it can be too strict and block things that are actually OK. Let the Moderators know if this happens - we’ll see if we can stop it happening in future.

If you would like to find out more about NetModerator and how it works in more detail on this website, please email This email address is being protected from spambots.

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16 Jul 2013


So my entire life I've been raised a christian. I go to church, to the youth groups and camps, even volunteer with the children's work. My family has always been involved with the church and very spiritual people. But I've always been slightly more cynical. I never got baptised, because I never really felt I was in that place. I kind of got into a cycle of getting really 'close to God' in the summer, then straying from him again as the year went on. These last few years, especially this year, have been more extreme. I see no reason ...



16 Jul 2013


Hello everyone, this website has been suggested to me by my counsellor and it hasn't disappointed at all! I am currently having problems with my mental health and didn't really know where to turn to find people who understand me. I've stopped talking to family because they just don't see the world the way I do, which isn't their fault at all. There is a point where you just have to do something for yourself and that's something I don't do enough. So here I am!



15 Jul 2013

Good bye

I have never really been good at good bye's, there have been so many in my life but I still hate them. I spent most of my life doing everything I could to push people away so that when it came to good bye I didn't care but about a year ago that all changed. I have been in care since I was 4 in and out of lots of foster placements but last year I got moved to a kids home and bit by bit I settled in, so much so that my walls came down, I started to ...

Latest News
  • MindFull Training

    15 Jul 2013

    We are hosting the first MindFull summer training session in London on Saturday 10th August. If you are aged 11-17 and would like to be trained as a MindFull Mentor, mentoring other young people online, contact stating you would like to attend the London training. Spaces are limited so don't it today!
  • Challenge Volunteers

    10 Jul 2013

    MindFull are excited to announce we will be training lots of delightful challenge volunteers over the summer. We ran an intro workshop with them today in Croydon to introduce them to the MindFull website and what they will be doing during the training.

    We had lots of interesting discussion regarding differing types of mental illness and who they are aware of, in the public eye, that has suffered with mental illness ranging from OCD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and Anorexia.

    MindFull are looking forward to working with you over the summer.
  • MindFull launches today!

    05 Jul 2013

    Today the MindFull team are down at BAFTA to officially launch the charity and this very special site!

    At the launch event today, we'll be hearing from young people about why we need a service like MindFull, as well as the experts from the Government and mental health profession, like Ed Milliband and Professor Tanya Byron.

    If you're between 11 and 17, from now on you can log on to this site to access real time counselling and mentor support, as well as self-help tools for mental health and wellbeing.

    So ...
Latest From TeamStream
  • 10 Jul 2013

    Would you like to become a MindFull Mentor?

    MindFull are excited to announce we will be running a training session in London during the summer holidays. If you live in or near London and would like to help and mentor another young person that may need some support email stating you would like to attend the training. We cant wait to hear from you!
  • 05 Jul 2013

    Please bear with us...

    It's been great that there has been so many of you joining us and starting to talk to mentors - but it means the chat room is having a few momentary issues. Please bear with us and don't go away. We are here! We've been amazed by how many of you have joined us so quickly, and hope that you enjoy using the site and get the help you need.
  • 04 Jul 2013

    Welcome Laura and Jenny to the MindFull team!

    We're welcoming 2 new members of staff to MindFull.
    Laura is our new senior development officer and Jenny is our new intern for the summer! Its great to have more backup for all the increased interest in the programme!